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Educational Program "Medicine" (for foreign citizens) of the Scientific Research Medical Social Institute, officially received international accreditation. International accreditation contributes to improving the quality of education and the recognition of documents on education and university qualifications in the global educational space, and also informs the public about an independent assessment of the quality of education at a university. Accreditation was carried out by the Independent Agency for Accreditation of Educational Programs and Organizations (IAAEPO).

For the first time, the International Faculty of Medicine at the Scientific Research Medical and Social Institute held a QUIZ quiz among educational institutions in the city of Jalal-Abad: "SRMSI - HEALTHY MOTHERHOOD AND HAPPY CHILDHOOD" devoted to WORLD CONTRACEPTION, sponsored by the agency UNFPA and WCIES in Kyrgyzstan.Participating teams:Scientific and educational medical and social institute IMF "Factoid"Scientific and educational medical and social institute MMF "Aurum"MF Jaguimeni B. Osmonova "Goryachie strely"МФ ЖАГУ named after B. Osmonova "Heart to heart"Jalal-Abad Medical College "Healthy Family"B. Osmonova "Puls" medical collegeInternational University named after

The academic session for 2022-2023 has commenced at Scientific Research Medical Social Institute. Learners are regularly following the lessons according to the academic plans and clinical trials also started for the session. Students are really into it after the vacations, and they have been showing some keen interest to improve their practical skills in building their bright future.